information and requirements


To become a Member of Whortlekill Rod & Gun Club you must first be sponsored by 2 active or Life members in good standing and submit an application for membership with their names on the application along with 3 other character references.

You must be an active member of the NRA and list your NRA member number on the application to be considered for membership

Whortlekill’s active membership is limited per our Club By-Laws. When there are open memberships available and your application is up for submission to the members, it will be read to the club at the next monthly members meeting (which you can attend) and will be reread a month later at the following monthly membership meeting at which time the members in attendance will vote on acceptance of your application.

When voted in as a member on your second reading, you must then be prepared to pay the required initiation fees, annual membership dues, and any required raffle monies. Payment by check or money orders only are accepted. NO CASH

Current Costs are:* 
Initiation Fees - $1,600

  Annual Dues - $400
  Annual Required Raffles - $90

*fees subject to change at anytime - Please verify prior to submitting an application

 All new members are required to get their necessary 25 work hours by working our open trap on Wednesday nights once per month on their designated work night for the first 2 years of membership. In your 3rd year of membership you are required to work all scheduled ATA Trap Events.
All Members must work 25 hours per year or be subject to fines ranging from $50-$100 per hour or possible ejection from the club.


Whortlekill is currently

at full capacity and is not

accepting new members

at this time.

If you are interested in future membership please feel free to stop by the club and speak to someone or email us at:

We are currently taking applications on a  wait list for when openings come available