Whortlekill Rod & Gun
Winter League Trap Shooting starting Wednesday January 10th, 2018 and will run for 9 weeks Ending on Wednesday March 14, 2018......Email Scott Grossman at wkillmembership@gmail.com with your Name, Email Address, & Cell # if interested in joining and shooting......SEE DETAILS BELOW
Trap Fields Open to the Public Sundays @ 9:00am....Weather Permitting......
2018 Whortlekill Trap League Rules and Information
League will start on January 10, 2018 and will end March 07, 2018. 
There will be a total of 9 weeks of shooting 50 rounds each week 25 singles targets and 25 handicap target shot at the 23 yard line for all shooters. There will be NO shooting in advance and only one week make up per day! ( Meaning if you miss week 2 you must shoot week 2 on week 3 along with week 3) All other work or personal issues to be address by the Whortlekill Trap committee on a case by case issue as needed! Only 8 weeks of shooting will be recorded for prizes if you shoot ( 9 weeks) the you will drop your lowest score in any ONE week, One singles score and one Handicap score! No Scores make up past March 7th!!!!
Prizes to be awarded as follows:
Top Gun
Most improved Shooter 
Top Female Shooter
Top JR Shooter (18 and under)
1st 2nd and 3rd in 4 Classes A-D
 Known ability and your ATA average (if a member) will be used for placing you in your class and if no average is available then management decision is final! 
You Must Post 8 weeks of score for any Prizes!
Targets will be registered for ATA league only at a ONE time charge of 5.00 dollars.
There will be FOOD available for purchase in the clubs Kitchen 
The only food included in the price is the Dinner on March, 14th 2018!
   COST OF THE LEAGUE IS 100.00 Must Be Paid up By WEEK 2

2018 Whortlekill Trap League Update

Due to the continued bad weather on Wednesdays,Week 7 has been cancelled and will not be made up. We are not extending the league as we have in the past. 
If you want 9 weeks of scores, you must shoot 3 times in the next two weeks of shooting. 
Again only 8 weeks of scores will count to your final total! 
The last week of shooting will be on March 21st, and the dinner will be on March 28th at 7:00 PM ! 
Please remember if you have shot 9 weeks already you can continue shooting but you must pay the 5 dollars per round