Whortlekill Rod & Gun
About Whortlekill Rod & Gun
Whortlekill has many facilities that the members enjoy. These include:

  On the grounds at Hopewell Jct., N.Y.

 1.  A clubhouse meeting room, full kitchen, pool room, and social room.
 2.  A ten batt indoor 50 foot archery range, well lit and set up for year round use. The grounds also havea complete outdoor archery range with simulated targets. This is also used for Archery 3D shoots.
 3.  An indoor FBI 50 foot firing range for any pistol up to 44 Magnum and .22 caliber rifles.
 4.  A 120 foot outdoor pole barn with barbecue and seating facilities for 400 people. Picnic facilities include a full kitchen/serving area.  
 5.  A four station (plus one practice) automated trap field with an excellent shooting profile.
 6.  A fifteen acre well stocked trout lake open year round as a Fishing Preserve with N.Y. State. The lake is in the process of being expanded again.
 7.  100 and 250 yard outdoor rifle ranges on the premise.

  On club properties owned by the gun club at various locations:

 8.  A 170 acre (forever wild designation) Pheasant shooting preserve in Lagrange, N.Y. Dutchess County. Pheasants are released weekly. This preserve is also open for other small game and deer hunting during their respective seasons.
 9.  2 acres with hunting cabin adjacent to 9000 acres state land in Schoharie County.
10. 6 acres with hunting cabin adjacent to 4500 acres state land in Otsego County.
11.185 acres (no facilities) located in Schoharie County.
12.175 acres (no facilities) located in Sullivan County.
13.All of these parcels are excellent for deer, turkey and small game.

  On leased acreage locally.

  The club also leases lands locally, for the various hunting seasons.

Whortlekill Rod & Gun ®  540 Rt. 376 Hopewell Jct., NY 12533

Whortlekill Rod & Gun ®  540 Rt. 376 Hopewell Jct., NY 12533